Computer Recycling

Every year, new models of computers are released and if you are the kind who keep up with the latest technological trends, it means that you regularly change your devices. This gives rise to a batch of old computers that may not be in use. While there are people who throw away old computers with regular trash, this is not the most effective way to deal with the computers. You should engage in weee recycling for a number of reasons.

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Protecting your data

You may have the expertise to use computers but you may not be aware of the procedures to follow to ensure that the data stored therein is not accessed by other people. Cleaning your computer is essential to safeguarding important and confidential information. Most recyclers also offer cleaning services to rid the device of sensitive information before some parts are reused or recycled.

Environmental conservation

Computers have numerous parts that may be made from plastic materials, metallic elements, ores and other elements. Some of these elements are harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of properly. For example, the plastic elements cause water and soil pollution and when burnt, they contribute highly to global warming. Through recycling, some of the ores can be recovered and reused to make other equipment minimising the negative effects brought about through mining them. Remember that some of these ores are exhaustible and therefore they may run out if not properly utilised. Recycling protects them for future use.

Job creation

The level of unemployment both in developing and developed countries increases each year especially with the automation of different processes and systems. Recycling creates jobs both directly and indirectly and it is therefore encouraged. Recycling provides opportunities for those involved in the collection, transportation and sorting of electronic equipment. Jobs are also created in the recycling plants at different levels.


Some states have put in strict rules on the disposal of computers and other electronic waste products. Non-compliance may attract fines, penalties or even jail terms. Both businesses and individuals are expected to comply. It is beneficial to you and to your environment to comply with such directives.

Revenue stream

In some places, you can make money through selling your old electronic waste including computers. They are bought by the recycling plant. You may also make money through buying them from other people at a cheaper price and selling them to the recycling plants. Therefore, instead of letting old computers collect dust in some back room or store, you should recycle them.