The iPad 2 wasn’t the only big announcement that Apple CEO Steve Jobs and company made at the iPad 2 event in San Francisco today. In fact, they made a pretty big software unveil as well, introducing the upcoming iOS 4.3 which will arrive the same day as the iPad 2.

First, you will need to go to your MySpace account and login. You must be logged in to buy android installs on your profile. Once you have logged in, go to your account page by clicking the Home link at the top of the page that you are on.

Note: Google+ is currently in public testing. It will be available to the public no later than July 31, 2011. Google+ buy iphone installs for iPad/iPhone has been submitted to iTunes for approval and should be available in about 2 weeks.

The app is a port of the extras that will be available on the Blu-ray Discs. In addition, an end user can download only the content he or she wants, saving that valuable iDevice storage for other things, like music or videos.

The Sony Reader buy app installs comes pre-loaded with three classic titles and three excerpts from bestselling ebooks. You can sync your reading position, bookmarks, and highlights to Reader Daily Edition (PRS-950SC with firmware 2.0). Like the other apps, you can also read Sony Reader ebooks even if you don’t have a Sony Reader.

This is one of the best free Android apps available for finding awesome jokes. This app classifies all the jokes into 12 categories (including the very popular Chuck Norris Facts) so if you don’t want to see a particular type of joke, you never have to!

Still, as least Google has its own group messaging app. It’s still kind of spartan, but there’s nothing wrong with that; it is fast, perhaps because of the lack of features.